Hodos ("The Way") Bible Study

Rev. Peggy Krong's Notes for Genesis 22 - 37

22   A. Sacrifice of Isaac (Aqeda).
B. Abraham receives another blessing.
23   A. Sarah dies.
B. Abraham buries her at the cave of Machpelah, purchased from the Hittites.
24   A. Abraham has his servant swear that he will find a wife for Isaac from the land of his kindred.
B. The servant is to be freed from the oath if the woman is not willing.
C. The servant meets Rebekah at the well, puts a ring in her nose, and away they go!
Note the repetition, a characteristic of oral tradition.
D. Rebekah is Hahor's daughter, Laban's sister.
E. Isaac is standing in the field and meets Rebekah as she is coming to Beer-lahai-roi.
F. Isaac loved her.
25   A. Abraham takes another wife, Keturah. She has several sons.
B. Abraham gives gifts to his concubines' sons and sends them east.
C. Abraham dies and his sons, Isaac and Ishmael, bury him in the cave of Machpelah.
D. Descendants of Ishmael and Isaac.
E. Rebekah conceives after Isaac prays because she is barren.
F. The babies struggle in her womb and YUHWH tells her they are to be two nations; the elder shall serve the younger.
G. The first twin is red and hairy; thus, Esau.
H. The second son, Jacob, comes out gripping Esau's heel; thus, he supplants.
I. Esau, Isaac's favorite, is a skillful hunter and fieldsman; Jacob, mommy's boy, is quiet and hangs around home.
J. Esau, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, sells Jacob his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup.
26   A. Famine sends Isaac to King Abimelech (Philistine)
B. YHWH appears to Isaac and tells him to settle in the land of Gerar as an alien.
C. YHWH blesses Isaac with countless offspring because of Abraham's faithfulness.
D. Wife/sister motif reappears. Abmelech discovers ruse and threatens to kill any man who harms Isaac or Rebekah.
E. Isaac becomes rich much to Abimelech's dismay. Abilmelech sends him away.
F. Water rights issues.
G. Isaac and Rebekah go to Beer-sheba.
H. YHWH appears again and blesses Isaac, again for Abraham's sake. He builds an altar there and his servants dig a well.
I. Isaac makes a covenant with Abimelech and eureka! Isaac's servants find water.
J. Esau marries Judith, the daughter of a Hittite, and in-law issues raise their ugly heads.
27   A. Jacob, in cahoots with Mom, steals Esau's blessing from his dying father.
B. Mom again saves Jacob's derriere when she hears that Esau is plotting to kill him. Jacob heads for the hills and his Uncle Laban with yet another blessing from Isaac.
28   A. Esau marries Mahalath, the daughter of Ishmael, and adds her to his wife collection.
B. Jacob leaves Beer-sheba to go to Haran.
C. Jacob falls asleep on his travels and dreams of a ladder to heaven. Another blessing of progeny and promise that the YHWH will be with him. He awakes and announces, "Surely the presence of the Lord is in his place ..."
D. He makes an altar of the stone he had used for a pillow and anoints it, naming it Bethel. He vows to tithe to YHWH.
29   A. Jacob comes to Haran and meets Rachel at (you guessed it) the well.
B. Jacob offers to serve Laban for seven years for Rachel's hand.
C. Laban tricks Jacob by sneaking Leah into the marriage tent.
D. Laban gives Rachel to Jacob on Jacob's commitment of another seven years.
E. Leach bears Ruben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah
30   A. Barren wife urges Jacob to father Bilhah's (her handmaiden) sons, Dan and Naphtali.
B. Leah, who had ceased bearing, has her maid, Zilpah, bear Gad and Asher.
C. Leah, through the herbal miracle of mandrakes, bears sons Issachar, Zeblum, and a daughter, Dinah.
D. Finally, God hears Rachel and she bears Joseph.
E. Jacob and Laban engage in a contest of wits; Jacob wins and grows rich.
31   A. Jacob decides to return home with YHWH's advice and unbeknownst to Laban.
B. Rachel steals Laban's household gods unbeknownst to Jacob.
C. When Laban finds out, he overtakes Jacob and company.
D. Rachel hides gods and tricks Laban.
E. Jacob rants at Laban and then they make a covenant. Mizpah (v. 49) "The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other."
32   A. Jacob sends messengers to Esau as he nears home.
B. Esau goes out to meet him heightening Jacob's anxiety level.
C. Jacob sends family ahead; he wrestles with a man until daybreak. "I will not let you go, unless you bless me."
D. Jacob's name changed to Israel.
33   A. Esau runs out to meet Jacob.
B. Esau forgives Jacob.
34   A. Schechem rapes Dinah.
B. Schechem asks for Dinah's hand.
C. Jacob and his sons trick Schechem into circumcising all the males.
D. They agree and, after the deed is done, Simeon and Levi kill them.
35   A. Jacob is called to go to Bethel minus the foreign gods.
B. Renaming of Jacob to Israel again.
C. Rachel dies in childbirth. Jacob names the son Benjamin.
D. Jacob erects a pillar to Rachel at Bethlehem (Ephrath)
E. Names of all the sons named.
F. Isaac dies.
36   A. Esau's descendants etc.
B. Kings who reigned in Edom.
37   A. Story of Joseph and the dreams that ticked off his brothers.
B. "Here comes this dreamer." (v. 19)
C. Brothers put Joseph in a pit. Rueben talks them into not killing Joseph.
D. Then they sell him to the Ishmaelites who take him to Egypt.
E. They design a ruse to make Jacob think Joseph was killed by a wild animal. (Pre-DNA)
F. Meanwhile, Joseph has been sold to Potiphar, Pharaoh's captain of the guard.